With all the time spent in a bathroom, it’s important that a bathroom is a place of comfort. When a bathroom is small, however, it can often feel cramped and uncomfortable to use. And yet, we here at Mihalko’s General Contracting know that just because a bathroom is small doesn’t mean you can’t love it! With a few of our space saving remodel bathroom ideas, you’ll be able to properly budget remodeling and feel the comforts of the bathroom you deserve!

Renovations for Tiny Bathrooms

Large Scale Patterns. A great renovation to make a small bathroom feel big is large scale patterns painted on the walls. A large scale pattern, like large stripes or even something like giant lilly pads, can help trick the eye into feeling like your tiny bathroom has just the right amount of room.

Mirrors. Another fantastic space expanding trick is mirrors. Instead of having a small rectangle or square vanity mirror, consider expanding your mirror to take up more of the wall. A large mirror can make a space feel more open and brighter with light reflection.

Shower Curtain. If your bathroom has a shower with a glass door, consider getting rid of it. The flexibility of a shower curtain can help make cramped areas feel more spacious. And if you’re worried about water on the floor, installing a small tub (some come as small as 60 inches in length) may be the right choice.

Corner Sink. Tiny bathrooms often lead to obstructed pathways. Installing a corner sink can help make your bathroom feel larger by making pathways to and from the shower and toilet open and easy to access.

Rounded Vanity. Just because it’s a square or rectangular shaped bathroom doesn’t mean you have to have a vanity with corners. Often times cornered vanities can feel bulky and become hazards for hips. Rounded vanities are a fun way to mix and match the geometric feel of a tight space while also saving room.

Towel Bar. A towel bar mounted on the a wall juts out and makes the already tiny bathroom seem smaller. Save space by mounting a towel bar on the door of the bathroom, or even the door of the shower.

Faucet. Mounting a faucet on the wall can help to make the bathroom feel less cluttered and ultimately more spacious. Additionally, with a wall mounted faucet you have the option of installing a narrower  sink, which is another clever way to free up space.

Large bathrooms are great, but tiny ones are great too! After 34 years of service, we here at Mihalko’s General contracting know the necessary tricks to make your tiny bathroom feel spacious and large. When it finally comes time to renovate your bathroom, call a general contractor you can trust. Call a family company that has been serving its neighbors in Johnstown PA, Latrobe PA and Altoona PA for over three decades. Call Mihalko’s General Contracting for your home renovation needs.

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