Become part of the Mihalko's Family!
Become part of the Mihalko’s Family!

Home is where the heart is. Or at least it should be! Too many people today are unhappy with their current living situation. They dream of moving to a home with a beautiful deck, more rooms and modern designs. They dream of homes from photographs, homes they’ve seen on TV that they feel outshine their own. Fortunately, Mihalko’s General Contracting is here to tell you that you no longer have to dream. As the best home remodeler in Altoona PA, Johnstown PA and Latrobe PA, Mihalko’s General Contracting will help you figure out your questions of ‘how much does it cost for a kitchen’ and ‘what is the average cost of a bathroom remodel’. We’ll help you to budget remodeling and even whip up some remodel bathroom ideas. We’ll help you with all of that and then we’ll do it. We’ll make the home you live in into the home you love. After all, Mihalko’s General Contracting has been remodeling homes for over 34 years, so we know how to put our heart into it!

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