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Snow Safety

The winter season is here, and while that might mean putting how to figure out the average cost of a kitchen remodel or jotting down your remodel bathroom ideas on hold for now, it also…

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Weathering The Storm

Western Pennsylvania experiences some serious weather conditions. From tornadoes to hail storms, Western Pennsylvania has seen it all and consequently felt its aftermath. Unfortunately, the dangers of the storm do not end when the storm…

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Breaking the Icicles

Western Pennsylvania homes are subject to drastic heating and cooling when it comes to the weather.These late winter months often leads to the formation of icicles. Though beautiful, icicles can cause a great deal of…

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Paint Your Home

This winter has been a long and bitter one. And according to Punxsutawney Phil (groundhog meteorologist) we still have a few more weeks of this cold season left! So, as we eagerly await spring, let’s…

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Bathroom Placement

When renovating and remodeling a home, it’s very important to pay attention to layout. Take it from a general contractor, after figuring out the average cost of a kitchen remodel and learning how to budget…

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The Dining Room

When the weather is cold it’s important to make your home feel warm and welcoming. And while this might draw thoughts of figuring out the average cost of a kitchen remodel, or how you can…

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