Western Pennsylvania homes are subject to drastic heating and cooling when it comes to the weather.These late winter months often leads to the formation of icicles. Though beautiful, icicles can cause a great deal of damage to your home. The higher the icicle, the greater potential for danger. If icicles have damaged your home, call a trusted general contractor with the proper training and insurance to repair and prevent any further damages.

Dealing with Icicles

Formation. Icicles tend to form on gutters and eaves because that’s where the snow accumulates. Due to the warmth of the house or the sun, the snow then melts and that melt-water freezes on top of your roof. When the melt-water reaches your gutters and eaves it accumulates and freezes to form icicles and ice build up — also known as ice dams.

Dangers. Not only do icicles show the possible presence of ice dams, but they also have the possibility of falling through a lower roof! This could wreak havoc on your shingles and even rip gutters down. After that it’s only a matter of time before water starts to seep in and cause further damage.

Removal. If you have a fear of heights or don’t want to risk climbing a ladder in icy conditions we suggest calling trusted professionals. A broom or shovel is an easy way to push icicles away from the house. If you happen to have a low-sloping roof it may be wise to use a stiff-bristled broom to brush off your roof to prevent the further formation of icicles and ice dams.

Prevention. The best way to prevent icicles and ice dams is to keep your roof and eaves at the same temperature. One of the best ways to do this is adding insulation to your attic. Extreme conditions may call for adding heat tape to your roof edge.

We’re in the last stretch of winter and it’s important to finish out the season strong. Don’t get caught off guard by neglecting dangerous icicles and ice dams. If your home is subject to ice damage call Mihalko’s, your trusted general contractor. Mihalko’s General Contracting handles ice dam insurance claims in Johnstown PA, Latrobe PA, and Altoona PA.

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