Everyone knows the show on HGTV “Love It or List It”. It’s the one about a family deciding whether or not to move out of their existing and no longer functional home, into a new home, or to remodel their existing home and make it work. It’s a dilemma familiar to more than just TV families, and one that tons of families throughout the nation face everyday. This is why we here at Mihalko’s General Contracting have decided to share some tips to help you and your loved ones make the decision to Love It or List It!


Love It or List It!

  1. Money. The most obvious of all reasons. How much is your home worth? How much work would you need to put into it for you to stay? How much will that cost? How do I budget remodeling? How much can we put towards a remodel? All questions dealing with money. If you are cash strapped or cannot get a home equity loan, you may not have another choice but to sell and buy a new home.
  2. Scope of Work. What will it take to make you stay in your current house? Insulation in windows? All new bathrooms? New kitchen? More closets? Figuring out exactly what needs to be done, and to what extent, can be very wearing on a homeowner. In fact, the sheer thought of how much demolition, cleaning and organizing it takes for a remodel might be the thing that scares you out of it! Living through a remodel can be difficult for many people, which  is why listing your “must haves” in a home is important. And understanding what you need to go through to get them is even more important.
  3. Your Neighborhood. Is your best friend your neighbor? Does it take you 5 min to get to work from your current location? Picking up and moving out of an area can be hard for a family to adjust to, and if you loved your neighborhood this can make the adjustment even harder. Making a decision about whether or not you physically and emotionally feel as if you can move, or even how far from your current location you want to move is important. And deciding what you and your family want from a neighborhood can often be a major factor in the final Love It or List It decision.


Considering the above factors will help determine if you are ready to stay or go. Speaking with a local contractor about your options will help give you light on costs of a remodel vs. moving to a new location. And if you finally decide to “love it” and go for the remodel, call a general contracting company you can trust. Call a company that’s been serving the Johnstown PA, Latrobe PA and Altoona PA area for over 34 years. Call Mihalko’s General Contracting for your home remodeling needs.

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