The worst part about a vacation is the end. You spend an entire week in a beautiful place, relaxing, eating, being romantic, and now you have to go home to reality – to your life. It’s a terrible feeling and you’re not alone in feeling it. This dread and anxiety is something we all face at the end of a vacation. But what if we don’t have to?

Imagine waking up in the morning to a beautiful custom designed deck right outside your backdoor.  Picture the romantic dimmable lights throughout the house, so no matter where you are you can control the ambiance. Smell the Spring flowers. Feel the heat. Hear the crackling fire of the grill as the chicken and vegetable caramelize to your perfection. Now envision this all from the comfort of your home.

Instead of saving money to spend on going away for a simple weeks vacation, more and more people today are bringing their vacations home. Whether it’s a newly remodel bathroom, a new kitchen, a house extension, customized deck or even a sunroom, people today are creating homes that they don’t feel the need to get away from. They’re creating their own vacation by making their home a place they love, and we at Mihalko’s are helping them do it.

Now, exactly how much does a deck cost? How do you get a kitchen estimate? And what is the average cost of a kitchen remodel? Don’t worry, whatever questions you may about your home improvement, we’ll answer them. Because at Mihalko’s General Contracting we know that the worst part of a vacation is the end. So, call the contractor you can trust. Call the neighbor  who has been serving the Johnstown PA, Latrobe PA and Altoona PA area for over 34 years. Call Mihalko’s General Contracting today, and let us make your next vacation one that will last.

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