With Autumn just around the corner, the days are becoming shorter and the air outside is cooler. Pretty soon it will be time to turn on the heat and shut the windows. And when it finally is time to shut the windows, it’s a good idea to make sure your windows are insulated.

Insulation in windows is a must when it comes to home budget remodeling. Not only will it ensure your families warmth and comfort throughout the frigid winter air, but it will save you money, too. When windows are double, or even triple paned, it stops the warm air from your home from passing through to the outdoors. It traps the warm air you pay for inside, reducing costs of heating, and keeping your family comfortable. Often the draft one feels when sitting near a cool window is from the loss of his or her own body heat to the cooler outdoors. With insulation in windows, however, this “draft” will no longer be a problem.

We here at Mihalko’s General Contracting understand the importance and value of family. Before the kitchen estimates and finding the average cost of a bathroom remodel, comes the comfort of your loved ones in your own home. So make this winter a warm one. Call a general contracting company that’s been serving the Johnstown PA, Latrobe PA and Altoona PA area for over 34 years. Insulate your windows with Mihalko’s General Contracting. A contracting family you can trust.


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