If the air conditioning bill skyrockets in the summer and the heating bill never stops growing in the winter, the problem may not lie with the air conditioner and heater. And instead of spending money on a utility person year after year to fix what’s not broken, take a minute to think. Stop trying to figure out the average cost of a kitchen remodel, hold off on thinking about ‘how much does a deck cost’ or jotting down your remodel bathroom ideas. Take a second to listen. Listen to your overflowing central air bills, because they’re trying to tell you that you need new windows!

Generally, homeowners are not constantly interacting with their windows and therefore windows are not something homeowners constantly think about. This is why we here at Mihalko’s General Contracting created a list of simple ways to check if you need new windows.


The Window Check

1. Drafts. Hold a lit candle in front of your windows edges. If the candle light flickers then tiny drafts are coming through the windows edges. This means it’s time to call a professional contractor to replace your windows and get that draft fixed!

2. Peeling Paint. If there is paint peeling on the EXTERIOR of your home, this could be a sign that you need new windows. The draft that enters the house through leaking windows will often seep through the interior walls and cause the paint on the exterior to peel.

3. Warm and Cool Air. On a warm or cool day, check for warm or cool spots coming through the cracks of the window. If you find spots where the air is warmer or cooler, this means a draft is coming through!

4. Insulation In Windows. As the insulation in and around windows gets older and begins to deteriorate, it will start to let in unwanted drafts and noises. Switching from single-pane glass windows to multi-pane windows will save energy and reduce noise levels in your home.


The next time you get a high bill for heating or air conditioning, check your windows. Replacing windows is a small expense that can save you a ton of money! And when you finally decide that replacing your windows is the right move for you, call someone you can trust. Call a contracting family that’s been serving the Johnstown PA, Latrobe PA and Altoona PA area for over 34 years. Call Mihalko’s General Contracting and let us install the windows to a brighter future!

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