Sometimes figuring out the average cost of a kitchen remodel or drafting up some remodel bathroom ideas is unnecessary. Sometimes all a home really needs in order to feel like a home is to strip away its old floor boards and put down some new ones. And sometimes the best option for a home’s new floors is stone. A classic look with lasting effect, stone floors come in many options and never seem to go out of style.


The Options

1. Slate. Probably the most common of all floor types, slate is a metamorphic rock that naturally splits into thin sheets. Because of this natural tendency, slate is easy to cut into tile and fit around tough spots.

Pros: Flexible, resilient and dark in color

Cons: Because of it’s delicate nature, slate must be installed by someone who knows how to install it and most likely cannot be done on your own.

2. Travertine. A sedimentary rock that is often confused for limestone and marble, travertines soft nature and failure to shine offers a warm home feeling that is rarely felt by other stone.

Pros: Feels soft, many options of color and style

Cons: Scratches and stains easily.


3. Marble. A stone once solely for royalty, marble is a classic stone look that is now available for everyone. While like travertine, marble is prone to stains and scratches, marble is both harder and more durable than travertine, and with a professional finish and a little extra care can be protected for a nice home feel.

Pros: Highly resilient, available in a variety of colors and patterns

Cons: Prone to scratches/ stains, absorbs water


4. Granite. One of the hardest stones on the market, granite is durable and reliable, but a little less comforting than other stones. Often granites shiny surface can make it’s beauty and classic look seem cold.

Pros: Indoor and outdoor, variety of beautiful colors, strong resilience

Cons: Cold feel


5. Limestone. While it has its similarities to travertine, through time and tectonic action, limestone has hardened to be more of a resilient and durable stone. With a soft complexion, limestone can give off a comforting feel and even keep its natural striations to give off a wooden-floor-vibe.

Pros: Resilient, beautiful colors, soft comforting look

Cons: Absorbs water which can lead to stains and infrastructure damage


6. Sandstone. An incredibly resilient stone, sandstone holds a soft comforting tone and comes in very few color variations.

Pros: Strong, warm earth toned color

Cons: Few color options


Figuring out the average cost of a bathroom remodel so your home can feel fresh again, isn’t always the best options. Sometimes all a home needs to feel fresh is a new floor. And sometimes it’s the classic look of a new stone floor that provides the freshest feel of all. When it’s finally time to replace your floor, call a company you can trust. Call a family company that has been helping its neighbors in the Johnstown PA, Latrobe PA and Altoona PA area for over 34 years. Call Mihalko’s General Contracting for your home flooring needs!


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