Before you figure out the average cost of a bathroom remodel, or go out of your way to get a kitchen estimate, go outside into your yard and look at the trees. That’s right, we said look at the trees! If a tree fell on your property, whether from your own yard or your neighbor’s yard, what would you do? Did you know that as the homeowner of the property on which the tree falls it is your responsibility to remove the debris? And while you may be covered under your own homeowner’s policy for the damages and removal, often times this coverage depends heavily upon the circumstances and your neighbors side of the story. Luckily, there is a preventative measure one can take to help avoid unwanted neighborly tension and we here at Mihalko’s General Contracting are letting you in on the secret!

If there is a tree you feel is dangerously hanging over your property, take preventative measures. Send a letter by certified mail to your neighbor (and if possible, to both yours and their insurance company) stating that they need to cut the branches or remove the tree to avoid potential damage to your property. Take pictures to verify the situation and store those pictures with a copy of the letter. Notifying your neighbor of the possibility of damage to your home due to a tree in their yard will assure that you are not held liable for damage in the case that the tree does fall. After all, acts of nature are beyond our control! A tree owner must act responsibly to prevent unwanted scenarios.

In the case that a tree does fall, it is recommended that you call your homeowners insurance immediately. This will get the claim moving, as well as assure efficient service from your insurer. And when it comes time to preventing further damage, call an emergency disaster service you can trust. Call a company that has been serving the Johnstown PA, Altoona PA and Latrobe PA area for over 34 years. Call Mihalko’s General Contracting. We’ll notify a tree service to remove your debris, get temporary repairs started and contact your insurance company to help get the claim moving as fast as possible.

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