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There is a lot of thought that goes into choosing the right tiles for your shower. Often, the shower’s design will predetermine which type of tile would be the best fit. If you’re considering a bathroom remodel you must also consider the style of tile for your shower. We here at Mihalko’s have provided a few tips to help you choose you shower tiles:

Tips for Choosing Shower Tiles

Smaller Tiles for Better Traction. A large, smooth slab may not be appropriate floor tiling in your shower. Most shower floors are made of of small tiles (as small as one square inch) to provide better traction. Shower bars and handrails are also a wise investment in a standing shower.

Slab Is for Sitting. A smooth piece of slab may not be ideal for the floor, but shower benches made of tile may be uncomfortable to sit on. A slab with a curved edge will also be more comfortable on the backs of your legs versus an un-eased edge.

Careful with Mosaic Tile. If choosing mosaic tile be sure it offers at least 95% contact from the tile to the backer board. Otherwise, you’d be depending on a layer of glue on the sheet of tile.

Cleaning and Maintenance. Cleaning the shower is never a fun chore. To minimize cleaning and maintenance, choose larger slabs or glass panels. Their smooth surface is easy to clean and grime doesn’t build up as quickly. Small tiles also have hard to reach areas.

Ubiquitous Design. Using one type of large tile throughout the remodeling process is less expensive and makes the room look larger. If you plan on growing old in your home, consider installing a one-way slope for easy access to your shower.

As a bathroom remodeling contractor, Mihalko’s understands the amount of quality desired in a home’s bathroom. We now offer ADA compliant bathrooms for the elderly or disabled plus a variety of accessories to meet all of your bathroom needs. Mihalko’s General Contracting has been serving neighbors in the Johnstown PA, Latrobe PA, and Altoona PA area for over 34 years.

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