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It’s become common place for a homeowner’s parents to move in with them once they’ve started growing older. And when one’s parents do move in, it’s a good idea to look into the average cost of a bathroom remodel and other remodels that might help accommodate and make sure everything the older parent will need is easily accessible on one floor. As accommodating as one can be within the home, however, often it’s the stairs on the outside of the home that pose the largest concern. Fortunately, we here at Mihalko’s General Contracting know a thing or two about accessibility ramps.

Accessibility Ramps

Why. The why is usually the most simple part. Accessibility ramps are necessary for wheelchairs, easier than steps, and great for aging-in-place designs. Additionally, accessibility ramps are safer for children (and more fun too!).

When. If you’re building a ramp on the inside of your home, any time of year can work. On the outside of your home, however, it’s a good idea to wait until one of the warmer seasons in order to avoid unwanted setbacks.

Designer. When adding any type of addition to your home, it’s a good idea to work with a designer. This will ensure that you get the best look for your home at the best price. Fortunately, when dealing with a home remodeling contractor, like Mihalko’s, you have access to our own company designers.

Cost. The cost of a ramp will range depending on size. A smaller outdoor ramp generally will run about $2,000.00, while a larger and more elaborately designed ramp may cost between $4,000.00 – $8,000.00.

Timetable. The major factor in determining how long a ramp will take to make is its size. A smaller outdoor ramp will generally take 2-3 weeks, while a larger ramp could take 6+ weeks. When installing a ramp, it’s a good idea to ask the general contractor for a time estimate and then plan your life accordingly.

There may come a time when you find your home is going to need some adaptive remodeling. And when this happens, it’s important you can call a general contractor you can trust. Serving its neighbors in the Johnstown PA, Latrobe PA, and Altoona PA area for over 34 years, Mihalko’s General Contracting is the go-to accessibility ramp contractor in the region. Call Mihalko’s General Contracting for your accessibility ramp needs.

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