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Granite is Still the Best Choice for Countertops

November 16, 2015


Granite has been valued for millennia for its beauty and durability. It was used in ancient Egypt to build pyramids and continues to grace today’s kitchen designs. It is a unique stone in both

5 Ways Laminate Flooring Doesn’t Get Enough Credit

November 4, 2015


Laminate flooring is one of those products that honestly doesn’t get enough credit when it comes to designing a home. Rarely do we find products as fashion-forward, high-performing and versatile. Not only can it

4 Unique Ways To Use Kitchen Tiles

October 29, 2015


Kitchen tiles aren’t just for the floor. Tile can also be incorporated into your walls, backsplash, island, or as an artistic accent, and using it wisely will lead to a space that’s beautiful and

4 Tips For Using Tile Sizes To Your Advantage

October 26, 2015


Floor tile comes in many design, style, and size choices. From one-inch mosaics to huge 36-inch planks, there is a tile choice for any room size. One of our finest product vendors we use

Keep Your Family Safe: Fire Prevention

October 22, 2015


Many of us become complacent when it comes to fire prevention in our homes. Mihalko’s Fire & Water Restoration team has witnessed the damage and devastation a fire can do to homes. We take

Remodeling Lessons for 2015

September 17, 2015


I recently read a blog titled “8 Home Remodeling Lessons That Increase Value” the article contained a lot of solid information in regards to projects that make sense, and how to pick the right

7 Types of Windows for Your Home

May 4, 2015


Nearly half of a home’s energy bill goes towards heating and cooling. These costs could drastically be reduced by replacing your home’s old windows. Spring is the optimal time for window replacement – you

4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

April 27, 2015


Most people around this part of the country forget about their outdoor space as an extension of their home. This happens mostly because it is covered in snow – yuck! But now that spring

3 Reasons You Should Consider Vinyl Siding

April 21, 2015


The weather is warm and the air is drying out. Your house has survived the harsh winter, and while you might be in the process of considering the average cost of bathroom remodel or