Tile Trim: 4 Ways Mihalko’s and Tile Designer American Olean Can Improve Your Living Area

Tile trim can add a sophisticated finishing touch to any tile installation project. Whether you’re trying to give a polished look to your floor, wall, fireplace, or your outdoor patio area, the right tile trim can give you the look you’re longing for. Not only does trim tile look great when used for residential projects, but it’s also a great addition to tile projects for commercial design. Here are four ways you can use a decorative or accent trim to complete your tile project:

1. Add a Finishing Touch to Your Fireplace

Tile can transform an ordinary fireplace into the centerpiece of any room. Start by choosing a decorative tile that catches the eye. Then add a trim tile that’s the same shade to help transition the tile into the other fireplace materials. Tile trim can also be used as a decorative accent. Choose a colored tile to border the hearth of your fireplace or mantel to transform your fireplace from a functional element into a piece of art.

2. Polish Off Your Bathroom and Kitchen Tile

Trim tile comes in a wide range of sizes and colors, and is the perfect way to complete a tile project in a commercial bathroom or kitchen. You can use trim to create a contrasting border on the countertops or backsplash, for example. When used in a border, trim tile provides decorative interest and breaks up large tiled areas. If you’re counting on trim tile to add a streamlined look to your kitchen tile projects, opt for a bullnose or counter rail tile. Bullnose tile is rounded and counter rail tile is more of a square shape, but both will leave your tile projects with a clean finish. Cove base tile is another trim option, and will give your floor tile a finished look.

3. Define Your Spaces

Trim tile is available in smooth, carved, and textured styles, and can be used to define certain areas of your commercial space. For instance, consider creating a border that is different from, but complementary, to the flooring tile. If you’re working with an open floor plan, this is a great way to define certain areas. For example, try using trim tile to create a border underneath a table in a lobby or sitting area.

4. Connect Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

When you’re completing an outdoor project, it might be easy to forget the finishing touches. Trim tile, however, is the perfect way to make your outdoor spaces look just as good as the inside. Whether your outdoor area is a simple patio or a lavish outdoor kitchen and living area, trim tile can enhance the flooring, walls, and cabinetry. You can also create flow between your indoor and outdoor areas by using similar tile and trim between the two spaces.

Using tile trim adds a sophisticated and professional look to your projects, and makes great tile designs even better. The array of trim tile options that American Olean offers will ensure that tile trim can be compatible with projects of any scope.

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Image: American Olean

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