Tile Offers a Great Return on Investment

Does the excitement of owning your first home or condo have you in remodeling mode? If so, you likely have hundreds of house decorating ideas running through your head. Before you begin making renovations, remember that not all home improvement projects are created equal. Some projects will make for better returns on your investment than others, so it’s important to choose wisely. If you’re looking for an excellent return on your investment, consider adding a modern, quality tile to your interior. The right tile can add elegance to your entry way, warmth to your kitchen, or a contemporary flair to your bathroom, and its durability and low-maintenance characteristics will appeal to future buyers.

Home Improvement Projects with High ROI

Your return on investment (ROI) is what you gain back monetarily when it comes time to sell your home. ROI is often based on what buyers in the real estate industry are demanding from homes.

According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2014 Cost vs. Value Report, one of the most valuable home improvement projects is a minor kitchen remodel. On average, upgrading your kitchen will net you an 82.7% ROI.

Here are some of the most economically savvy, tile-based updates you can make to your kitchen:

  • Add quartzite or granite countertops, which are durable and long-lasting.
  • Install a ceramic or glass tile backsplash for an updated, sophisticated look.
  • Install ceramic tile flooring with radiant heating.

Are you looking to take your remodel one step at a time? Start by adding a new backsplash or countertop to your kitchen before worrying about purchasing a fancy suite of new appliances. If you’re planning on selling your home, buyers will be able to imagine their own appliances fitting into an updated, functional space.

Choose Quality Tile

Whenever you begin a home improvement project, it’s important to work with premium products that will provide comfort and durability, as well as enhance your quality of living. Incorporating new tile into your home is one the greatest—and smartest—investments you can make. Tile is known for its long-lasting quality and ease of care, which will appeal to future home buyers.

Tile is also available in a variety of colors, styles (like glass, stone, or metallic), and sizes (from large slabs to small mosaic tiles), making it versatile enough for your house decorating ideas. Future buyers will also appreciate the timeless taste and elegance that tile offers.

Are you ready to start adding value to your home? Add some ceramic tile to your bathroom floor or a glass mosaic to your kitchen backsplash. Contact Mihalko’s for a truly enjoyable remodeling project. Visit one of our three showroom locations today!


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