kitchen island

Kitchen remodeling and design can be tricky. Homeowners who are ready for a kitchen renovation have many things to consider. Some people who don’t use the kitchen very often may opt for design over functionality while household cooks may desire the opposite. A question that often comes to mind is: Do I want or need a kitchen island? Well, to answer, you may have to ask yourself a few more questions.

Is An Island Conducive To Your Current Kitchen Layout?

In the kitchen there is something known as the “work triangle”: sink, stove, refrigerator. These are the most used areas when working in the kitchen. It’s important to consider whether or not a kitchen island can fit into that work triangle without disturbing the natural flow. Kitchen islands also take up open floor area which means space between the island and other furniture and appliances must be considered.

What Is The Island’s Function?

Kitchen islands are extremely versatile and can perform many different tasks. Is the island’s function for cooking, eating, prep work, entertaining? Answering this question will not only help you decide if you need a kitchen island but what kind of island is best. A kitchen island can be the solution to many of your kitchen needs.

How Much Storage Am I Looking For?

This question may depend on your current cabinet situation. If you’re flush with cabinetry space, you probably won’t need much storage in your island. Those with little counter space often consider islands as they provide more surface for prep work. Whether you have shelves or cabinets underneath your island  make sure your island isn’t too big with space in the middle. It will just end up going unused.

Once you’ve answered these questions you should have a better understanding of what kitchen island will fare best in your home. When it comes time to designing and installing the island, call Mihalko’s. We have 34 years of expertise in kitchen remodeling and have been serving our neighbors in Johnstown PA, Latrobe PA, and Altoona PA just as long. Contact Mihalko’s today!


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