Just because the weather outside is frightful, doesn’t mean you can’t start winter projects to refresh your home. Winter is the perfect time to start those projects you keep putting off around your house. By keeping yourself busy with indoor home projects, you will help alleviate cabin fever.

With the blowing winds and the snow accumulating, feeling drafts in your house is a sign that you may need more insulation. Re-insulating your attic during winter will not only help you find those areas needing improvement but will also help your energy cost. The cost of a new insulation will pay for itself with lower cost on your heating bill.

Keeping with the heating bill. If your home’s thermostat is older, maybe its time to upgrade to a Smart Thermostat to help you save on energy costs. What makes Smart Thermostats so great is they help regulate your home temperature more actively and learn your heating and cooling habits over time. This allows them to regulate your temperature automatically when temps dip or raise outside.

Winter Projects for Safety

Being safe indoors is very important. So now is the time to make sure all your ducts, filters, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are in working order. It’s best to start with cleaning out your ducts and filters. If you can easily access these you can clean them yourself. For hard to reach areas, there are professionals out there that can help you.


Make sure to inspect all your homes detectors. These devices have tests on them so you know how much battery life is left and if they are in working order. Be sure to replace old batteries or broken detectors.


Checking the seals of windows and doors in the winter will help you discover where drafts are coming from. If you feel a draft or there is a noticeable gap, you will need to reseal them. You can purchase caulking from your local hardware store and can apply yourself. If this doesn’t seem to work, give us a call and we will gladly help you find a solution whether it’s a quick repair or a complete window replacement.


If you are feeling blue this winter, giving your walls a fresh coat of paint can help brighten your mood. Interior walls with bright colors can significantly lift your mood as well. Just be sure to ventilate properly when painting indoors.


Upgrading your home in the winter is a great way to help cabin fever and some of these winter projects can help your home heating cost as well. No matter what winter projects you decide to undergo, this winter is the perfect time to get them started. Mihalko’s will be glad to help with any home remodeling projects.


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