The Top 4 Specialty Surface Countertops


There are many aspects to consider when remodeling a kitchen. For example, what is the average cost for remodeling a kitchen? And who can I call to get a kitchen estimate? While a top contractor like Mihalko’s can provide you with a kitchen estimate, what’s important to remember is that the price of remodeling a kitchen is going to range depending on the different choices you make. In fact, one of the largest price affecting factors is the type of countertop you choose. Fortunately, we here at Mihalko’s have decided to give you a head start and provide you with a list of the top 4 countertop surfaces currently being used in the kitchen industry!

The Top 4 Counter Surfaces:


Plastic Laminate – Available in a wide variety of colors and edge profiles, this kitchen countertop surface is stylish, durable and economical. Composed of some of the sturdiest man made materials, many of the new plastic laminate finishes mimic the appearance and glamour of real stone! Downfall – This product has seams, holds the possibility of scratching and is not heat resistant.

Solid Surfacing – A bit of an upgrade in cost from plastic laminate, solid surface countertops are made from polyester resins and will leave you without visible seams! Fashioned in many different colors and edge profiles, a solid surface countertop can hold a fully integrated sink, have color throughout the product, and even has the ability to be repaired.  Downfall – This product is neither scratch resistant, stain resistant, nor heat resistant.

GraniteMined from Mother Earth, granite is a natural stone that is available in all different colors. A good investment, this natural beauty is heat resistance, scratch resistance, and stain resistance! Downfall – While this stone is stain resistant, it must be given the proper care which calls for a periodic resealing of its finish. Additionally, its cost can vary depending on the import.

Quartz – A man made product that utilizes natural quartz, antibacterial agents, and resins, quartz is currently one of the most popular countertop surfaces on the market. Its durable quality and maintenance of ease is matched by its resistance to heat, scratches, stains and lack of needing resealing! Downfall – Quartz does not provide the natural beauty of that found in granite.

To get the best feel for which kitchen countertop is best for you, come on into Mihalko’s General Contracting where we have all four of these countertops on display!




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