Heavy snow is already collapsing roofs in our region and it could get worse.

Doreen Braniff was home when her porch roof came down Monday at her home in Revloc, Cambria County. She said it sounded like a car crash with a 2×4 crashed through her window.

It’s something Mihlako’s General Contracting is seeing a lot of this winter. Right now a square foot of snow in our region weighs about 30 pounds. But snow acts like a sponge and with rain on the way it might get heavier.

Lou Mihalko says if you’re healthy enough to push the snow off your roof safely you should otherwise call a contractor, just make sure that they have their own insurance.

Mihalko says people should add extra insulation into the attics and make sure their roof is vented. Having a better insulated roof makes it less likely that you’ll have this problem next year.


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