Remodeling Lessons for 2015

I recently read a blog titled “8 Home Remodeling Lessons That Increase Value” the article contained a lot of solid information in regards to projects that make sense, and how to pick the right home remodeler.

With the economy growing rapidly since 2011 it has been years of continuous remodeling projects. As much as we wish that rapid growth last forever, we also realize this is not healthy for the overall market. Every decade or so we normally experience a downturn that impacts the construction and home renovation industry. I believe it is wise to keep in mind that if you are looking to take on interior and or exterior renovation projects that you hire the right general contractor. Below is a quick list of things we recommend.

  1. Check the General Contractor out online, including the Better Business Bureau.
  2. Find a General Contractor that has experience producing the projects you are looking to complete.
  3. Take advantage of financing options through the General Contractor.
  4. Ask to see pictures from past projects.
  5. Kitchen Remodels almost always add value to the home. Granite backsplashes are becoming a new trend.
  6. Avoid super bright colors unless you plan on staying in the home!
  7. Hardwood and tile work is always a nice selling feature.
  8. Bathrooms that are custom designed with multiple shower heads are in demand.
  9. Homes with stone exteriors are hot right now.
  10. Energy efficient windows and siding are attractive to the millennial home buyer.

Tyler Trimbath

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