A lot of home renovations occur inside the home, but revamping your outdoor living area can significantly improve your home value. Here are some benefits to renovating outdoors. Pinterest is a great place to get inspired!

Create an Entertaining Space

By adding a deck or patio to your home will increase entertaining spaces for you. Decks are great to host guests and can be customized to fit your needs. By adding power to your deck you could add speakers, lights, and even refrigerators for refreshments. Maybe you want an outdoor movie theater, full of comfy pillows, projector, and screen.  You can also add some outdoor fairy lights to set a magical mood.

Outdoor Living Space

Lounge areas outside our all the rage. Especially following the zen flow and developing a yoga space for working out. Picking out the right furniture is a must. Once you decide exactly what you want your space to cater to, you can start choosing lounge chairs or bar stools. Another big trend in back yard design is built in fire pits to help you entertain your guests.

Outdoor Kitchen

The outdoor BBQ has been a family favorite for a long time. When you redesign your deck or patio, decide if a built in kitchen will fit. You can customize it just like your regular kitchen too. Many new popular additions to outdoor cooking spaces are wood fired pizza ovens, gas/charcoal combo grills, smokers, and so much more.

The most important thing to consider when redesigning your outdoor space is to make sure it is fitting your needs. Figure out your want and needs and contact us to talk to one of our premier designers. They can make your dream a backyard reality

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