Spring is right around the corner, time for spring cleaning.

As a homeowner, it is important to come up with a spring cleaning plan. Most associate spring cleaning with the inside of a home. Actually, you should focus a lot of attention to the exterior of your home.

After the last frost of winter, take a walk around your home and inspect the down spouts and gutters. After winter storms, it is likely that your gutters have collected branches, leaves and other debris. You should clean your gutters in preparation of spring showers. Make repairs as necessary to any damaged gutters or downspouts to preserve your home foundation.

While inspecting or fixing your gutters, make sure your roof and shingles did not sustain any damage over the winter months. Signs of roof damage would include: missing shingles and dips. If it doesn’t look right, it is time to call a contractor.

If you have any exposed wood outside, such as: deck, patio, stairs, trim, shed, it may be time to reseal and weather proof. By doing this, they will maintain a good condition and last longer. As a note, you will not have to do this every year. Every other year should be fine. Untreated wood is also a nesting ground for termites. Be sure to check all wood outside for signs of termites.

Spring cleaning isn’t just for indoors. The outside of your home needs just as much attention. By checking these things in the springtime, it will keep costly repairs to a minimum and help the outside of your home looking beautiful.

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