Picking the best color for your space can be daunting. Many popular brands of paint have developed an app to help you choose that perfect color! Here are four apps that we personally love!

The Apps

ColorSnap App

ColorSnap makes finding the perfect color simple. Within this app, you are able to use 6 different functions that assist you in choosing your color.

ColorSnap App

  • Match a New Photo – This allows you to take a photo or upload a photo of anything and match the color in the photo. The app picks the dominant colors and displays them at the bottom of the screen. From there, you are able to see what the colors look like on a sample wall. You are able to have up to 8 different colors on your palette.
  • Create a New Palette – When creating a new palette you are able to explore all the colors offered by Sherwin-Williams. You can see the vast array of colors laid out or you can narrow your search by looking at all the “reds”, “blues”, “greens”, etc.
  • San Color Numbers – This function allows you to scan a color number and then view it on a sample picture wall.
  • Other – From within this app, you can calculate paint cost, save your paint choices, and find a store near you.
Dulux India App

Dulux India allows you to paint your own walls within the app.

Dulux India App

  • Starting a new project in the app, you are allowed to take a photo, upload a photo, and take a short video for larger spaces. You can pick from any of the Dulux colors to use on your project.
  • Start Painting – Unlike other apps, you are able to see what the color looks like on your walls without having to paint them. The app is easy to maneuver and paints your wall fairly well.
  • Color Match – This function allows you to take a picture of anything and the app will match the colors in the picture as close as they can to a Dulux color.
Behr Color Smart App

Behr Color Smart is similar as ColorSnap but is easier to use and gives you more options in paint color sample pictures. We love the Behr Color Smart App! It’s user-friendly interface helps you visualize your next paint project and gives you the best color options.

Behr Color Smart App

  • Explore Colors – Allows you to look at all the colors provided by Behr. Every Pallet is present including different shades.
  • Color Match – You can take a photo, select a photo, or even scan a color swatch.
  • Preview Colors – This allows you to test your colors out on sample room pictures to give you an idea what the paint will look like on a wall.
  • Favorites – Is just that. All your favorites that you have found while using the app. It can also store and organize colors you currently have on your walls. So you will never forget what color you painted.

Each of these apps has their own benefits. The best way to pick which app will best suit you is by trying them out on your own. They are great tools to help you decide on color palettes and can help bring your vision to life! If you need more help, call us today and let one of our experienced designers and painters help you!



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