Fall is a Great Time to Clean your Gutters

When is the last time you cleaned out your home’s gutters? Cleaning your gutters may seem like a spring-cleaning activity when in fact, fall is the perfect time. We recommend that you clean them out twice a year (Fall and Spring).

If your gutters are full of leaves or sticks this can cause blockage down spout. During the winter months this can cause a lot of damage. If water is trapped from the blockage of debris, ice dams can form. Ice dams can weigh down your gutters and cause damage to your roof.

Wildlife may see cluttered gutters as the perfect place to build a nest. If this occurs, animals that roost in the gutter can cause even more damage with their droppings. When droppings combine with water, this can cause toxic mold to form and will need further cleaning.

Fall is the best time to clean you gutters because most leaves have fallen and pine trees are constantly shedding their needles. If you continue to practice cleaning twice a year, there is a better chance of protecting your home from unwanted damage.

If your roof suffers from damage due to dirty gutters, give us a call.

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