Planning your backyard space ahead of time is a key element to turning your drab backyard into your own personal oasis. No matter the size or entertaining purposes, planning ahead will keep you headache free.

The most important thing to consider is what function will your patio serve? Ask yourself a few questions. Do I want an outdoor family space? Do I want my own personal getaway in my backyard? Will I want privacy? It is important to decide if you are going to use the space for parties and family gatherings; or if you are going to use your space to relax by yourself and enjoy your surroundings privately.

Location of your backyard can have an impact on your design. Most back doors are off the kitchen of the home. This layout is ideal for a gathering space. If you are looking for your own retreat, placing your patio further from the house will help you relax away from any noise.

Choose the correct building material that will go with your home and will provide you with the longest life. Natural materials are very popular. Concrete, however, is cheaper and can come in many different shapes and colors to help compliment your space.

Backyard Landscaping

Plan your landscaping to help you achieve your perfect space. If you don’t have a green thumb, it may not be wise to have plants that require a lot of maintenance. You can also use shrubs to help gain privacy. Living walls are also becoming very popular in urban areas to bring nature to your outdoor living space.

Once you have layout, materials, and landscaping planned. Now is the time to fill it all in with extras. A built in fireplace, grill, or pizza oven is just what your patio needs! Adding a water feature will give you a nice amount of white noise to help you relax. You may want an awning to help protect some areas from the sun.

It’s your space, designing it should be easy! At Mihalko’s we can help you design your most perfect space to fill all your needs. We will be there through every stage, from designing to building. Give us a call today and let us help you make your outdoor space your oasis.

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