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Your Type of Carpet

Like many home renovations, the average cost of a kitchen remodel and the average cost of a bathroom remodel aren’t cheap. And yet, while many home renovations tend to dip deep into your purse or…

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House Fire

A house fire is an emotionally traumatizing experience. Having been in the fire restoration business for over 34 years, we here at Mihalko’s Fire and Water Restoration have seen house fires destroy freshly constructed kitchen…

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Grease Fire

You’ve gone through the kitchen estimates and the research to figure out what is the average cost of a kitchen remodel. You went through the weeks of renovation for the beautiful brand new kitchen. You…

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Black Mold

When you’re home is damaged by water it’s important to hire a water restoration service to repair that damage right away. Holding off on water damage repairs is not only dangerous to the infrastructure of…

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Stone Flooring

Sometimes figuring out the average cost of a kitchen remodel or drafting up some remodel bathroom ideas is unnecessary. Sometimes all a home really needs in order to feel like a home is to strip…

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Painting Brick

Sometimes the best home renovations don’t have anything to do with kitchen estimates or the average cost of a bathroom remodel. Rather, sometimes the best home renovations are much mores simple and, so long as…

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