Are you worried about an elderly loved one who is still living at home? At Mihalko’s General Contracting, we know how important it is to care for an older family member. Here are some tips to help them continue to live in their home safely.


Some of the simplest things can help living at home easier for the elderly. Take notice of the door handles in the home. If they are a traditional doorknob maybe it is time to replace those with a lever-style handle. This type of handle is great for those who are suffering from arthritis or lacking the strength to turn a regular knob.


If there is carpet and/or hardwood in the home, be sure that there are no tripping hazards. Since each person is different, it is good to assess the situation for what they need. Rugs can be a tripping hazard, while non-slip rugs are good for slippery surfaces. Besides the floor, make sure that handrails are in place on all stairs of the home, even if it is just a step or two.


Lighting the home is important as well. With brighter lighting, it is easier to see hazards and will reduce the risk of any accidents. Make sure light bulbs are working in all parts of the home and add new lighting where needed.


Another helpful upgrade to an elderly persons home, is in the bathroom. By adding handrails around the toilet and within the shower and bath will help them maneuver more easily. Walk-in showers and baths have become popular and make bathing much easier as well.


Mobility in and out of the house is essential. By installing a ramp, this will make access to enter or exit the home easier. In case of an emergency, ramps also will provide a safer exit.  With the addition of a ramp, the difficulty of steps and uneven pavement is no longer an issue. At Mihalko’s, we install ramps by ADA requirements.

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