handicap bathroom

If you’re making accessible home modifications, the bathroom is a great place to start. The room is used multiple times a day and some of the most physically strenuous activities (like bathing and showering) take place in there. Mihalko’s has a team of general contractors who believe that living in one’s home has positive effects on the individual’s entire personality. We offer adaptive remodeling so you have the ability to grow old in your home.

We help make your home safer and more comfortable by first finding out your needs. Every person has a unique set of needs and abilities that affect the remodeling process of their home. We want you to have input in the analysis process to ensure all of your remodeling needs are not only met but exceeded.

After the analysis process we will schedule an appointment with you personally to discuss your needs.The final stage is all about creating the plans so you can safely access all the areas of your home without having to worry about slipping, falling or any other physical dangers.

Narrow doorways, toilet seat height and sink accessibility are problems for homeowners in wheelchairs. Mihalko’s can help make your house feel like a home with proper adaptive remodeling. When it finally comes time to remodel your bathroom, call a general contractor you can trust. Call a general contractor that has been serving its neighbors in the Johnstown PA, Latrobe PA, and Altoona PA area for over 34 years. Call Mihalko’s General Contracting for your home remodeling needs.

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